Reviews of our lessons from students and teachers

“It was very wonderful lesson. Not only clear but also study gradually step by step so easy to understand.

Her pronunciation is very clear as well. Therefore it’s good for person who worries about that.”

Satoe from Japan (student)


“The video is very good quality, also the graphics and the text.

The worksheet is really well done, it’s a professional product.

Sharlene is a great teacher.”

Giorgio from Italy (student)


“It was a very didactic lesson, with very good and many examples on every topic.

They way the lesson is ordered helps to follow it and makes it easy to understand the point being presented.

The pronunciation examples were very useful, as it’s one of the hardest topic when learning english.
The worksheet was great to put on practice really fast what you’re learning in the video. A great complement.”

Pedro Pablo Miquel Arce from Chile (student)


“I must say, it is a very good way to learn English – you speak very slowly, the learner can see in the right part of the video these verbs and after learning these verbs you can make sentences and you can improve your pronunciation. Great!”

Eva from Vienna (teacher)