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Editorial Advisory Board

Welcome to English for Scientists. This page contains the previous English for Scientists Daily Journal articles.

The Journal covers different scientific activities each week, from presenting seminars to writing up your research in a full-lenght research article. We will break down writing a full article across several weeks. Other weeks will cover writing a review or presenting a poster at a conference. We will continue to cover different aspects of a researchers work that needs to be presented in English.

Within each week we will look at different aspects of presenting in English, such as grammar, phrases, writing style and language construction. We will highlight many phrases that you can use in your work to aid your writing and presenting. We will use real live work that has been written and presented as examples.

Because learning English is not a one-off exercise, but a matter of continual practice this Journal is a Daily Journal covering many aspects of English used in science and research that we will return to over again. This will help you to solidfy and retain knowledge of the language over time. The daily delivery of English that you can read and understand in 15 minutes will make it easy for you to fit into your daily life. It is designed to be easy for you to get through quickly once a day and will include a short, fun interactive test each day to help you retain the knowledge.

We would really like to hear from you about the help you need and what you would like to see included in the Daily Journal entries, which you can do in the contact form.

We hope you enjoy using these daily entries – these articles are free for you to try. We will be restarting the articles again in the very near future. If you would like to start a subscripton please enquire here.