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About Sandford English

Sandford English has been created to help scientists and researchers with their English; to improve their ability to write papers, write reviews, present their posters and seminars at conferences, and be able to converse with colleagues about scientific research and their work in an international environment where English is the commom language.

We offer a service 4 days of each week where we will email you everyday a short article to help improve an aspect of your English related to research work. There are also general English language resources available to you on the site through your subscription. These consist of videos, online lesson materials and online books and interactive exercises.

All the resources on the website are available for you to access whenever you want. The Daily Journal will be added to continuosuly. There will be a new Daily Journal entry 4 days a week and the General English lessons are for your general English use.

We would really like to hear from you about what you would like to have included in the Daily Journal. Are we addressing the right topics at the right level? If not please let us know. What areas would you like more detail on? You can use the contact form to let us know.

Sandford English is a collaboration between experienced English language teachers (Sharlene Matharu), scientific writers and an editorial advisory board drawn from the scientific community. See the Editorial Advisory Board.

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Sharlene Matharu

Sharlene Matharu

Sharlene lives and works in Oxford in the UK has been an English teacher for over ten years. She loves languages and especially enjoys working with students of all ages from around the world. Before teaching with Sandford English, she taught in Oxford, London, Paris and San Sebastian in Spain. She speaks French, Spanish and is trying very hard to learn Mandarin. She is also a writer and creates teaching materials for teachers and students alike. In her free time, Sharlene likes cooking, doing yoga and writing stories. One day she would like to publish a children’s book and a novel.